Mobile Grandstand


  • Gradient: 25cm
  • Depth of row: 1m
  • Capacity: according to requirement


Germany (via BÜMO)

Mobile standing or seating tribune flexibly adaptable for every purpose.

Modular grandstand can be sonfigured exactly according to your specifications and available space.

Our comfort seating with ergonomic folding seats provides unsurpassed legroom with a 1m row-depth. Of course, the grandstand has a test book for simplified acceptance in accordance with the current guidelines. Thanks to the substructure (all-round scaffold), a fast assembly and disassembly as well as high load capacity is guaranteed – and that at the lowest transport volume.

Design Example:
Standard square construction: 88m long 14.5m deep with 14 rows (= 2.250 seats)

Suitable for all events:

  • Classical concerts
  • Theatre
  • Company presentations
  • TV shows
  • Sports events
  • Race Events
  • …and much more!

By the way: Thanks to the uncomplicated and easy-to-use system components, this stage is also a favorable solution for clubs, as they can provide construction and dismantling helpers and thus make a contribution to cost reduction.

How to provide expertise from a single source. Our contact persons accompany you from the quotation to the planning to the implementation of your project.
Our material is absolutely new – and also meets the highest optical demands through regular cleaning intervals.