Aluminium Straight Section


  • Rounded top rail allows audience comfort
  • Top rail connects seamlessly, avoiding pinch points
  • Specially designed tread plate prevents liquids from pooling
  • Floor plates connect to form level surface, reducing trip hazard
  • Rear step facilitates visual and physical access to the audience
  • Solid A-frame welded aluminum construction
  • Intelligent design enables handling without risk of trapped fingers
  • Perforated upright secures to the floorplate and next section with only one bolt and fixed location pins
  • Location pins fix and strengthen connections and enable barriers to negotiate uneven terrain
  • Height 1.20 m
  • Weight 34 kg
  • Also available with black upright
  • Use in high crowd pressure areas: 



Mojo Barriers’ core product is based on a simple principle: An A Frame design, with an upright that locks into the base frame and is supported by two diagonal legs at the rear. Quick set up is facilitated by location pins. The sections only require one bolt to connect to the next section .Once in place, stability is provided by the audience weight on the footplate.

At the rear of the upright , a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel visual and physical access to the crowd. Made of aluminum alloy to cut down on weight both for handling and transportation reasons, the barrier retains its strength through intelligent design.