TERRAPLAS is World’s No. 1 for Turf Protection.

Terraplas is the undisputed ‘World Leader in Turf Protection’. Having pioneered the first protection system for quality stadium turf in 1991, Terraplas continues to lead the industry through continuous innovation in cuttingedge design, production and material technology.

Only Terraplas’ benchmarked engineered design delivers the ultimate protection from the devastating  effects of thousands of fans walking, standing, dancing and jumping on top of the covered playing surface.

As a true protection system, Terraplas presents venues with the opportunity to be multi-use and maximise their revenue streams through hosting a wide range of events within a short time-frame, all while retaining a top-quality playing surface.

TERRAPLAS – The Facts:

  • Terraplas products are globally recognised as the finest quality turf protection systems available.
  • The unparalleled proven longevity of Terraplas products demonstrates what makes them unbeatable value for money.
  • Only Terraplas offers systems manufactured from truly translucent HDPE, which allows continuous photosynthesis, ensuring optimal turf health, strength & growth together with an industry-leading 30 year UV degradation guarantee.
  • Terraplas’ unique vertical camlock systems help to make the safest, most secure cover systems in the world.


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