Terratrak Plus®


  • Material: High density polyethylene – HDPE
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2,2 x 1,2 x 0,38 m = 2,42 m2
  • Weight per item: 46 kg
  • Weight per m2: approx. 19 kg
  • Transport: 1.123 m2 per truck
  • Distributed load: approx. 16,4 t per 150 mm2 / approx. 734,2 t per m2
  • Characteristics: UV, air and water permeable, hardly inflammable
  • Color: White
  • Accessories: Ramps, Tools


United Kingdom
United States

Terratrak plus® is the ultimate floor protection from heavy loads. It is specifically designed for use in large event arenas during event load-in and load-out where the need for using heavy machinery is crucial.

For years Promoters had been looking for a product which would enable them to bring 150 tonne cranes, forklifts and trucks onto a stadium field without causing damage.

With terratrak plus®, this situation has changed. This heavy flooring system creates a continuous surface with no gaps due to its overlapping design and unique locking system. It is bolted in panels of 2 during assembly, using bolt systems made from the same material as the camlocks. This allows for an area of 2.42m² (26ft²) to be covered with each panel laid by 2 people. Panels are connected to their adjacent counterparts by means of very strong vertical locking cams manufactured from a special nylon which is as strong as steel but does not bend or rust, and provides the strongest possible panel connection.

Due to the light , air and water permeability of the system, the underlying grass can remain healthy when covered for several days. Terratrak plus® locks seamlessly to terratrak-WF® and terratrak-NF® providing a complete temporary flooring solution.