• Material: High molecular weight, high density, polyethylene with UV stabiliser
  • Dimensions: 75m (30”) x .75m(30”) x 37mm (1½”)
  • Useable fitted panel size: 2.25m x 1.5m = 3.37m² (7’ 4” x 5’ = 36½ ft²)
  • Weight per element: 9 kgs per m²/5.25 kgs per tile/11.5lbs per tile /1.84lbs per ft²
  • Static Loading: Point load 20mm diameter = 479kgs – 1” square = 2,169lbs
    Spread load 44kN /150mm sq 1,955kN/m² – 40,842lbs / ft²
    367,585lbs / yd²
  • Color: Translucent natural material, which allows the passage of light,
    ensuring grass growth – without yellowing.
  • Fire Requirements: UL94 HB
  • Cleaning: High pressure cold water spray washer
  • Life Expectancy: Guaranteed for 5 years but has a realistic life expectancy of c. 15 years


United Kingdom
United States
Germany (via BÜMO)

Terraflor ® is another solution in floor protection, incorporating many unique features.

Terraflor ® is a quality temporary floor designed to protect the playing areas at stadiums when they are being used for non-sporting events.
Terraflor ® incorporates an overlap on all sides, which is designed to prevent rubbish & non-desirable liquids from passing through to the turf. It also includes the capacity for expansion to avoid buckling under extreme temperatures.

It allows the passage of air & light and creates a moist atmosphere under the tile, without any noticeable build-up of heat – essential elements for keeping grass healthy.
Stages can be built on top of terraflor® using timber pads to assist in spreading the load. Lightweight vehicles eg gators/trolleys, with pneumatic tyres can be used on top of terraflor®. The system interlocks ensuring that there are no trip hazards. It also has a permanent non slip surface.