Fixed Corners: 45° Corner


  • Same material specifications and looks similar to the straight barrier
  • Fixed angle of 45°
  • Positive corner = Green
  • Negative corner = Blue
  • Both with full floorplate and brace(s)
  • Rear step on Blue, not on Green
  • Strength contained by floorplate coverage and braces
  • Connects to adjoining section by one single bolt
  • Also available with black upright
  • Use in high crowd pressure areas: 




A fixed corner section of 45° with full floorplate and single brace. ‘Positive’ means moving away from the crowd, usually towards the stage. Nicknamed Green as its colour mark is green for easy recognition on site by anyone installing the equipment.


The direct opposite of Green is the fixed negative 45° corner section with a full floorplate, double brace and rear step. ‘Negative’ means moving towards the crowd and thus usually away from the stage. Nicknamed Blue for its blue colour mark for easy recognition.

Both Green and Blue have complete floorplates and braces, ensuring continuous strength of the barrier lines. Furthermore, they can easily be used in combination with other corner- pieces to design wide and smooth shapes. Colours are present on the braces for easy recognition. Typical usage would be around catwalks and thrusts in front of a stage.