Mega Exit


  • Aluminum doors, black steel floorplates and doorposts
  • Two doors swinging both ways of 1.50 meter each
  • Both doors interlock in the middle on closing, manual lever to operate for opening
  • Fast way to allow access for emergency vehicles or trucks
  • Floorplates and doorposts in black only
  • Doors in silver aluminum only
  • Sloped floorplates (back and front)
  • Connects to adjoining sections with only one bolt
  • Use in high crowd pressure areas: 



The mega exit is the largest door or gateway in the Mojo Barrier range of doors. It consists of two doors which open up to an overall width of 3.00 meters, allowing emergency vehicles or trucks to have access to or cross an installed barrier line or have quick exit possibilities. The doors swing both ways and can be opened quickly by a single manual operated lever to provide fast access.