• Material: Ultra Violet light stabilized high density Polyethlylene Copolymer Grade
    • Size per Tile  (L x W x H): 39.25″ x 39.13″ x 2.31″
    • Tiles per Sheet: 4
    • Size per Sheet: 7.5″ x 78.26″ x 2.31″
    • SF per Sheet: 42.64
    • Sheets per Pallet: 18 / Tiles per Pallet: 72
    • Weight per Sheet: 103.2 lbs / Weight per Pallet: 1,957.6 lbs


United States
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Terraplas® is the worldwide standard for natural grass turf protection systems. It was developed in 1991 for Wembley Stadium and is accepted around the world as the leader in high quality grass turf protection products.

In 1994, Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, purchased the first Terraplas in the United States. Today, Terraplas   is accepted around the world as The STANDARD for high quality natural grass turf protection.  When you say Kleenex or Coke you know immediately what image comes to your mind. In the event business, Terraplas is that brand. Quite simply, Terraplas was the first high-end, translucent cover system and all other products are measured against its quality and longevity.