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MOJO Rental has announced the acquisition of Promologistika doo, a Croatian company specialized in audio, video and lighting solutions. The acquisition was completed in September 2023, and Promologistika will be rebranded as MOJO Rental Southeast Europe.

The acquisition strengthens MOJO Rental’s presence and capabilities in the Southeast European market, where Promologistika has been operating since 2008. Promologistika has a strong reputation and a loyal customer base in the region, having worked on numerous events such as concerts, festivals, corporate events and TV shows.

MOJO Rental Southeast Europe will continue to offer high-quality equipment and services to its existing and new clients, while benefiting from the global network and expertise of MOJO Rental. The two companies share a common vision and values of delivering excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

MOJO Rental’s CEO, Goran Marincic, said: “We are very excited to welcome promologistika to the MOJO Rental family. They are a great fit for our company culture and strategy, and we look forward to working together to grow our business in Southeast Europe. This acquisition is part of our long-term plan to expand our global reach and offer our clients the best solutions for their live event needs.”

Promologistika’s founder and CEO, Zoran Biškupić, said: “We are proud to join forces with MOJO Rental. This is a great recognition for us as a company, and for all our associates, partners and suppliers. We believe that this partnership will bring many benefits to our customers, employees and partners, as we will be able to leverage MOJO Rental’s resources and know-how. The slogan ‘Everything is possible with us’ will be stronger than ever before. Our entire team of about 40 people, all departments and our work organization, our equipment and our knowledge, become the new company MOJO Rental Southeast Europe doo , through which we will continue to provide services to our clients with the same energy, and with the support of the umbrella organization and partners, it will continue to grow and develop on the same roots as Promo logistica has done so far.”